About Braid

Founded in late 2020, Braid Technologies integrates mathematics, physics, and computer science to expand human creativity and engineering and go beyond traditional design. We are developing the next level of tech to enable a design revolution where functional and aesthetic considerations are efficiently merged. Braid Technologies works with its partners on new product design, current product redesign, high performance applications, and long-term R&D engagements.

Our Team

We are a team of scientists and engineers, designers and inventors, problem solvers and troublemakers, leveraging all the scientific tools and ideas we can to ensure we develop the highest quality and best performing designs possible.

Our team is built around bravery, intellectual honesty, and the pursuit of excellence. We constantly challenge assumptions and motivate our own growth with the aspiration of undoubtedly providing the best results to our partners and customers.

Our team is encouraged to share their ideas and take on new challenges. Braid has a strong commitment to building a team with the most diverse backgrounds, recognizing that it is a strategic resource to drive innovation.


Joining Our Team

You will join a fast-growing, venture capital-backed, global startup out of Shibuya Scramble Square in Tokyo, as an important early member of the team. Your aim is to increase the level of automation of the creative process by solving advanced industrial design problems with a principled and pragmatic approach.

A major selection factor is a flexible mindset and the ability to go beyond your strongest area of knowledge. You are not expected to know how to address the tasks Braid is working on right now. However, the team at Braid Technologies expects you to embrace the challenge and cultivate new skills inside the company.

We do not have a single “tech stack” driving our technology: we strive to use the best tool for the job and are willing to expand our toolbox when necessary. We expect all members of our tech team to be comfortable working independently in at least one scientific computing language (Python or Julia) and/or high-performance systems-programming language (C, C++, or Rust).

Regardless of the position, Ideal candidates possess the following traits:

Benefits and Compensation At-a-Glance